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How's Your Mental Health?

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Why I Care...

Last time I checked, the brain is connected to the rest of your body. Why then, is mental health treated differently than any other medical condition? 

Would you, in a million years, ever tell a cancer patient to "snap out of it?" (If you would, you can leave now)

In my opinion, mental health is a topic that should - needs to be, discussed in the open. Not in hushed tones of embarrassment or shame.

Thus the question..."How's Your Mental Health?"

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My Story

I'm Doug Jessop. You may recognize me as "that guy that wears hats on TV."

I've been blessed to be a broadcaster for a number of decades. Let's be blunt - watching the news can be depressing. With that said, can I tell you a well known secret ? Horrible things end up on the news because they are NOT the normal.

Fortunately, I get to choose who I interview and the topics I cover. I believe, actually...I KNOW that there is still good in the world. 

If you haven't had already watched, consider this your personal invitation to watch my TV show, "Jessop's Journal - A 30-minute collection of Powerful, Positive and Inspirational Stories & Music." Sunday mornings at 10 on ABC4 TV in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona and streaming worldwide at

Jessop's Journal also seems to be great place to put weekly videos about Mental Health...thus "How's Your Mental Health?"

Why Videos?

We all learn differently. Words matter. Pictures tell a Thousand Words.

Put words together with pictures in a video and you create motion.

Words and Motion create Emotion.

I hope you enjoy and share our "How's Your Mental Health" videos

as seen on the Jessop's Journal TV show 


How's Your Balance?

What is balance to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like?


What's Your Direction?

It's been said that the straightest path between two point is a straight line. While that's nice and dandy, life is not always straightforward.


What's Your Vision?

You can have a vision of what your life should be. Are you able to adapt when things don't go the way you planned?

Videos Coming Soon

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